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The State of Illinois leads the nation in cracking down on drunk drivers.

The DUI laws in Illinois have become increasingly harsher each year.  Today, even first time offenders are subject to heavier fines, longer license suspensions, and more restrictions on their driving privileges.

Business Entity Formation

Protect yourself and your family from the pitfalls in the business world.

Today’s litigious society demands that business owners of all sized businesses protect their hard-earned assets from company liabilities such as creditors or lawsuits.

Estates and Trusts

Save your family the pain of fighting amongst themselves in their moment of grief.

In today’s litigious society, many families face the problem of dealing with a loved one’s estate in probate court because no will was drafted for the loved one prior to their passing. In order to avoid the cost, delay, and inconvenience of probating a deceased family member’s estate it is imperative to perform some basic estate planning for all family members.

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Foreclosure Defenses

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About the Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis

The Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis is a general practice firm that will practice in the areas of Real Estate Transactions, Family and Divorce law, Estate Planning, Consumer Bankruptcy, Litigation, Criminal Defense, and DUI/Traffic Defense.

The Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis prides itself in offering superb legal services at an affordable rate, making it a valuable asset for their clients by charging a flat rate for most legal services, which helps it keep the cost to its clients down. By electing to forego the old hourly billing method for the more cost effective flat fee, the Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis can offer high quality representation at a price that is affordable for the legal consumer. In conjunction with a free initial consultation, this package provides an extremely attractive and valuable legal representation solution.

The Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis takes great satisfaction in making itself available to their clients. By utilizing the latest in technology, clients can get in touch with their attorney through a variety of methods, including email or telephone. In the event that you cannot reach your attorney immediately, the Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis has a strict policy that all calls be returned by the end of the business day on which the call was received. By using the latest in delivery methods, the Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis can offer a high level of accessibility to its clients, which has been difficult for other law firms to achieve. This firm is committed to providing its clients with best and most competent representation possible.

This office utilizes aggressive tactics to protect its client’s rights. Whether you are facing DUI or criminal charges or a civil matter, and are in need of a skillful attorney, this office can help you no matter what the charges or matter at issue. This office is not intimidated by its legal opponents and will get you the desired results. If you live in Chicago or near suburbs and need to talk to an attorney regarding your case, contact this firm today. For a free confidential consultation and an evaluation of your case please contact this office.