Business Entity Formation

Protect yourself and your family from the pitfalls in the business world.

The Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis provides strategic business entity structuring for existing businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups throughout the Chicago area. When a client is ready to incorporate a business, establish a not-for-profit organization, or buy a franchise, we help your business balance and enhance limits on liability and profitability and organize a tax structure that offers you the greatest benefit.  Many clients are in search of the most advantageous steps to start a business that will be built on the basis of their own sweat equity. Others plan to coordinate resources and efforts of investors and employees. Our attorneys provide professional guidance as business owners clarify goals and establish procedures.  Partnership and incorporation have advantages and risks that need to be weighed when starting or reorganizing a business. Once we have identified your most advantageous business entity, structuring as a LLC, LLP, PC, PA, S-corp, C-corp, or other entity can be accomplished efficiently so you can begin growing your business.

The Law Offices of Peter W. Lewis is available to help entrepreneurs take the first steps to start a business in Illinois. We offer comprehensive guidance during process of filing for incorporation or registering a partnership; creating a corporate book of initial resolutions and minutes; completing initial filings with the Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service; and issuing stock.  Throughout the process of getting a new business on its feet, we endeavor to educate our clients on how to continue to manage these tasks on their own. Most clients continue to consult with us from time to time when negotiating contracts, when engaged in major transactions, when disputes arise, when purchasing real estate, or when they need advice on tax planning or annual reports.