Foreclosure Defenses

Dec 16, 2021 | 0 comments

In this time of economic turmoil and uncertainty, many people are losing their homes to bank foreclosure proceedings. Although there are a few tactics that can be helpful during a foreclosure case, it is very rare for a person to actually โ€œwinโ€ in such a case. The key tactics used in a foreclosure case are intended to buy the homeowner time in order to allow them to make arrangements to reinstate their loan, sell their home, or work out another option with their lender.

It is unethical for an attorney to engage in these tactics for a homeowner that has no intent to save their home or work with their bank and is merely looking to live for free as long as possible. All pleadings filed with the court by an attorney must be attested to as to not being filed for the purpose of hindrance or delay of the proceedings.